Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where were Mulder and Scully lost in "The Lost"?

A. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming <g> I have to admit that I have never been there, so most of my research regarding geography, animal life and closed road access came from the official park website. I also made the assumption that since they were hit so badly by forest fires in the early 90's that they would be aggressive about any later fire suppression activities. Hence the fire access road that M&S walked out on.

Q. Are you planning on a sequel to "Soldiergirl"?

A. In a manner of speaking. "Found", the upcoming sequel to "The Lost" is a casefile where the action is set primarily in San Diego. As a result, Bill gets involved with the case (peripherally) and he sees Profiler!Mulder/Scully first hand, completing his education into the dark world that is his sister's life.

Q. When do you plan to post "Found"?

A. Hopefully by the end of September at the latest.

Q. Are you a park ranger/survivalist?

A. No, but my family did a fair amount of campground camping when I was a kid. I also spent three seasons as part of a University Fire Crew. Basically we fought forest fires when there were any and painted a lot of picnic tables when there were not! :o)

Q. Will M&S ever have the conversation they sidestepped in "The Lost"?

A. Absolutely.

Q. What's with all the werewolves?

A. <g>Most of the stories I posted recently were written for the PURity 2001 Challenge and I tried to co-ordinate them as much as possible. There was actually supposed to be a casefile about the New Jersey werewolf case that Krycek mentions in "Blood" that would have tied them all together. I ran out of time to write it. Additionally, since the casefile was originally supposed to fall between TINH and Dead/Alive, it would have thrown the timeline and AU continuity way off for "Found" and now "Alphas" once "Found" evolved into a sequel for "Soldiergirl".

Q. Will there be a happy ending for 'shippers in "Found"?

A. One hint<g>: The male and female alpha wolves of a pack are a mated pair and wolves mate for life. :o)

Having said that, however, both Mulder and Scully go through a lot of emotional turmoil in "Found" and there may be too much other stuff happening for there to be complete resolution by the end of the story. It's too soon to tell. I may dip toes in the water in "Found" and then throw rocks at them in "Alphas".

Q. Have you written anything else?

A. In terms of X-Files fanfic, no. Whatever I have is listed here and I always post any of my x-fic at Gossamer. I have a couple of novels in the works that I would like to try and develop commercially so I'm throwing them up on the website just to see what kind of reaction I get.

Q. How much research did you do for "The Lost"?

A. I definitely had to research the tanning angle of things. I've always wanted to make my own leather moccasins, but I've never gotten around to it. has an excellent site for those interested in the craft.

I sort of took a guess about the bear and the 9mm. I checked out several hunting sites that mention using 9mm, but most seem to advocate .4x ammo. A few of the bulletin boards implied that it was possible but everyone more or less agreed that you had to be extremely close to the animal and hit it either in the chest or spine or you risked having it run away injured.

Most of the cold weather stuff was extrapolated from personal experience living and working in rustic environments without electricity or utilities. I also had a chance to do an Outward Bound Winter Adventure about ten years ago and I have never forgotten it. We spent three weeks skiing, snowshoeing and dogsledding in northern Canada - sleeping under tarps or in snow shelters. It was an amazing experience.