This page contains prologues for current novel length works of a non-X-Files nature. Because of the length of these novels, I will only be posting them by the chapter.

Story Title:

Adamantine Heart
Futuristic Romance
August 09, 2001

She has...

...been sentenced to a traitor’s death on the mining planet of Sheol. Branded with a genetic tattoo that identifies her family as traitors to the Terran Alliance she is expected to mine the crystal fossils that form the interstellar drives that allow the galaxy’s starships to navigate the dangerous void between the stars. But her blood has been infected with living crystal, and every time the wind blows, madness beckons…

He is...

…bound by duty and blood. The Warrior Clans of the Irlon Empire have always been responsible for the safety and protection of their people. Now, the Empire threatened with a devastating plague, a single Warrior is sent on a mission that may shatter the uneasy peace between Alliance and Empire. To save his people from extinction, he must locate the daughter of a Terran clan with a proven lack of honor-the sister of the man who perpetuated the most heinous atrocity in the history of Empire and Alliance

They are...

...hunted by Terran fanatics, shadowed by the threat of an unstoppable plague and linked together in a mental pairing that draws them closer and closer to a physical consummation that has always had inevitably fatal consequences. Two enemies must put aside their differences and find a common battleground ...before an entire civilization pays the price of hatred.